Admissions to School – Reception, Year 1 – Year 6

There is a new admissions policy from the Local Authority, schools no longer hold waiting lists. Unfortunately children attending Grove House Primary School Nursery do not automatically receive a full time place in Reception, places are allocated via The Admissions Team

You will receive an application pack to be completed and returned to Authority.

Children enter the Reception class in September. In the event of the school being oversubscribed the following criteria for priority of admissions will apply:

1. Children with siblings in school.

2. Children living in geographical priority area for school.

If a child is refused admission a parent has the right of appeal and further details of this can be obtained from school.


For information regarding admission to full time education please contact:

The Admissions Team on Tel: 01274 385967,

email: [email protected] or visit their website at :


Nursery Admission

Children are admitted to the Nursery in the September after they turn three. Within the intake children are admitted on a first come, first served basis but with a balance between older and younger pupils.Children’s names may be added to our Nursery list at any time. We will usually admit children to Nursery if they can stay for three terms.

It is The Department of Childens Services policy that a child can only attend one Nursery, attendance is on a part – time basis either morning or afternoon.

For Nursery Admissions please contact:

The School Business Manager on 01274 636921 or email [email protected]

Nursery Application Form